Mountain’s Dialogue, Bubbles – A Letter

(Orignal Story Author : Jeyamohan Translator: Jegadeesh Kumar)


We have something in common. Mr. Jegadeesh Kumar. I have come to know Mr. Kumar through our work together at the Colleton County High School in Walterboro, SC. Mr. Kumar is a good friend. We enjoy conversations about religion, the latest book we’ve read and the differences between Indian and American cultures. Mr. Kumar is very enthusiastic and excited about translating Indian literature into English.

Mr. Kumar’s English translation of Mountain’s Dialogue is intriguing. As an American, it’s interesting to read an Indian story in English. Mr. Kumar has done a fine job of telling a story from the Indian culture and giving it meaning and understanding in the English culture. There are moments when the Indian culture comes through even in the English translation, but that makes it humorous, enjoyable and real.  

The short story, Bubbles, is one that many couples in the world can relate too, whether Indian, American or any other nationality. Mr. Kumar has done a great job telling the story of Lily and Sam and the frustrations, issues and struggles that a married couple may deal with. There are instances once again where certain phrases or words made me laugh as an American. But, it goes to show, we’re not so different, are we? Different people, different cultures, different ways across the world, but in the end, we deal with the same frustrations, the same issues, the same struggles, the same stories!

I look forward to reading many more of Mr. Kumar’s stories. He has devoted a lot of time, effort and energy into translating Indian stories into English, and he has done an incredible job.


Mrs. Kim Warner

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